Hi everyone! Welcome back. I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas for June that I’m eager to try.

Going vegetarian then vegan

close up of salad in bowl
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

With summer just around the corner, I’d like to try out either going vegetarian or vegan for a month. I’ll keep you updated on that. Have any of my readers done either one?

Journal prompting

I found several journal prompts online that seem fun. I printed them out, cut them out, put them in a jar, and will now I will select one.

*Drum roll please!*

#1 is …. Your favorite movies.

Woo! Yes! This is an easy one.

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I’m a big Star Wars fan. I love the original trilogy. It’s a big part of my childhood – I think I watched the tapes (!) more times than I can count. I remember seeing the special edition series in the movie theaters with my mom and twin brother and getting so excited seeing the opening crawl. My best friend from elementary and middle school and I would watch them together and argue who was better – Han or Luke? The answer is obviously Luke – duh! I remember acting out the scenes, pretending I was different characters from the movies.

What is it about Star Wars that makes it so appealing, at least to me? I think it’s the struggle between good and evil, and good triumphing. The characters, ranging from the strong and feisty Princess Leia, the wholehearted and earnest Luke Skywalker, to the opportunistic and wiley Han Solo, to the droids, Chewbacca… I could go on! Somehow this great cast of characters come together to fight the evil Empire but also it’s about one hero’s journey in discovering who he is in the scheme of the universe.

force awakens

When I found out that there would be a NEW Star Wars trilogy coming out, I did every thing I could to not spoil it for myself. I didn’t watch any trailers, read any articles or interviews just so I could go into the Force Awakens with a fresh mind. I wanted to be surprised – and I was! I immediately loved it. I saw it opening day in Korea and then the same night watched it again with my students. Overall I saw it 4 times and I have no regrets. When Kylo Ren killed Han Solo, I was so shocked that I couldn’t stop crying! Han’s not even my favorite character but his death rocked me. After the first showing, my husband and I had a long discussion over Rey’s parentage (who didn’t, right?) but we all know the truth now, don’t we?

that thing you do

I love this movie so much! I need to watch it again. Reminds me of my middle school days. I went to a middle school dance and requested the DJ to play the title song. This shows you how much of a nerd I am 🙂

Dear readers, tell me about your favorite movies down below! 🙂

2 thoughts on “June ideas

  1. There are TOO MANY good movies out there. How can one choose? Here are a few I really like: Star Trek Wrath of Khan (the original, not the remake with the new cast, although that one is also good). Hush . . . Hush, Sweet Charlotte with such convincing performances by Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland. Gaslight where we are introduced to the talented Angela Lansbury. And The Picture of Dorian Gray, another film with Angela Lansbury in it. OH! And The Apostle with Robert Duvall.

    In general, I like spooky movies, too. Not the teen slasher flicks, but movies with hauntings like House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price.

    Okay, I’ll stop there.:-)

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