I had a busy Saturday and wasn’t able to post so I’m making up for it by posting two journal prompts!

Yesterday I got to try some vegetarian tacos and chili at a Mexican restaurant in town. This restaurant also has a few vegan options, such as cashew cheese. The tacos and chili were both great and filling. I’ll definitely go back there again in the future.

Alright now on to the prompts!

The 2nd prompt I picked was:

“What did you learn this week?”

I was really itching to make some chocolate chip cookies on Thursday. I had made them once before but discovered that the bottoms of the cookies seemed “wet” (I can’t quite describe it, it just seemed…. too moist?) even after baking and cooling. This time I tried adding a bit more flour to the recipe and – eureka! – they were soft without being too wet. Trial and error works and the results were great. 🙂 My husband and I inhaled them.

The 3rd prompt is:

“10 paintings”


Picasso’s “The Three Musicians”

I really loved this painting as a child. The colors and shapes were so striking and fun to me. I remember recreating this with tissue paper but that masterpiece is unfortunately long gone.




This mixed media painting really shows old-school life in Korea (I think Korean newspapers still predominately used Chinese characters until the 1980’s).


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The university I attended had an art gallery next to it and I remember seeing this exhibition by a painter named “Hong”. I believe the artist might be Korean but I’m not sure – I wish I knew! I like these vintage style paintings that look straight out of a children’s book.





A few years ago, I challenged myself by doing one drawing a day. I remember working on this painting as a special request for a friend’s son who loved elephants and monkeys (the monkeys were added later). I went to an art studio once a week in Seoul to work on this painting, sometimes it was just the instructor and myself in the studio. It was great one-on-one time and I learned a lot about painting from him.



This is a watercolor painting of Mega Man I did for my husband during the “one drawing a day” year.



I was really proud of this watercolor painting I did of Raphael the ninja turtle. I gave it away to a kid I used to tutor because he was a big fan of the ninja turtles.


Dear readers – What new thing did you learn this past week? Can you share any paintings you have created, admired, or disliked? Please comment below!

6 thoughts on “Journal Prompts #2 and #3

      1. Yes, in my old blog (no defunt . . . it was too expensive!). My new, free blog only has a painting pop up now and then, but not as the subject of a blog post. Hmm, maybe I should do another painting post in the near future!

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