Happy June 4th everyone! Today’s journal prompt is…

*drum roll please*

“4 Restaurants”

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite restaurants:

  1. La Lieto


I used to live in Incheon in South Korea, which is about an hour from Seoul by subway. Across the street from my apartment was a little Italian restaurant called “La Lieto”. It had a quaint atmosphere and decent food but the best part of it was drawing on the tables! I drew many drawings at La Lieto hoping one day that one of them would grace the restaurant’s walls.

The sad reality of restaurants in Korea is that they are quickly here and gone tomorrow. I remember one day walking by and thinking “Oooo, maybe I can get the lunch special at La Lieto today” only to climb up the stairs and discover the restaurant had been replaced with another Italian restaurant which didn’t allow drawing on the table! I was devastated and never went back.

I didn’t realize it was a chain until I searched for it online to prepare for this post!


2. Coco Curry


A Korean friend took me to “Coco Curry” in Seoul once and I fell in love with it. This type of curry is the Japanese take on British style curry (copied from Indian curry!) so it has a very different flavor from pure Indian curry.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was craving this type of curry so bad that I convinced my husband to take an hour long bus ride with me and find the original restaurant my friend had taken me to. Google Maps assured me of how to get there but when we arrived at the destination it was nowhere to be found! I cried buckets (blaming pregnancy hormones here). Thankful we found another Coco Curry near where we lived that I had completely overlooked.


3. Japanese steakhouses

japanese steakhouse.jpg

I love Japanese steakhouses! It’s fun to watch the chefs prepare the food in front of you (especially when they make the onion into a little volcano) and I love all the flavors.


4. The Sci-Fi Dine-In


This is probably the coolest restaurant I’ve ever been to. I always request going here whenever we visit Disney World. You sit in a car at a drive-in movie theater and watch old movie clips and cartoons that all have a space theme to them. The food is classic 50’s American fare – we’re talking hamburgers, French fries, onion rings, milk shakes and so on. Definitely worth checking out if you’re ever at Disney World!

Dear readers – what are some of your favorite or not so favorite restaurants? Let me know below!


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