Today’s journal prompt is…

“What grand adventure do you wish you could go on?”

A great question! I wish I could go on an adventure with Tintin and his crew just like in the Tintin comics – particularly his adventure in Peru in “Prisoners of the Sun”. Tintin traveled the world looking for all kinds of treasures and solving all sorts of mysteries, so I’m sure going on an adventure with him would never be boring!


On a side note, my son went to bed early tonight. He had a really big day of eating, playing, laughing, and scooting around in circles (he can’t quite crawl forward yet). He fell asleep in his car seat (we keep it inside our home when we’re not driving) and as I picked him up to carry him to his crib, his sleepy little head bobbing on my shoulder, I closed my eyes and wished, “Please don’t grow up too fast.” I gave him a little squeeze as I laid him down. I remember when my little guy was an even smaller little guy who slept in a baby box as a newborn back in Korea. I used to carry him around in one arm and now I’m struggling to lift him up because he’s such a chunkster. I want to treasure and remember these early days with him for as long as I can.


Dear readers, what sort of adventure do you wish you could go? Tell me below!

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