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“My saddest memory is…”

I’ve had many sad memories. Mistakes I’ve made. Remembering hurts people have caused me over the years. They don’t seem so sad to me anymore, but I can still feel the sting from time to time.

That being said, one of the saddest memories was the day of my friend’s funeral. When I lived in Korea, I made friends with a woman at church and we later became roommates. I loved this person like a sister, and even though she was 20 years older than me, she was a true and wonderful friend. (Age has never been a factor for me with friendships – I’ve had many great friendships with people of all ages, I consider it a blessing and I’m so thankful for them all.)

My friend and I unfortunately had a falling out several months later, she got married, and I did not see her much after that. The last time I had contact with her was when I had called her to tell her I was getting married, but she did not pick the phone. I left her a text message and she responded with a happy sounding congratulations. I expressed how great it would be if she could come to the wedding, but I never received a reply back from her.

A few months later, my former pastor called me to tell me my friend had committed suicide. I was stunned. I felt numb inside. I could not believe it. My friend had struggled with depression for a long time, and now her struggle had come to an end.

The seriousness of her death – the realization that she was truly gone – did not hit me until I arrived at the funeral home and hugged her husband, telling him, “I’m so sorry”. It was at that moment that I burst into tears, the grief overwhelmed me so that I felt dizzy and nauseous. I couldn’t bear to look into the casket – I was actually afraid to look. I walked with the funeral procession to the gravesite and watched the men bury my friend, all the while thinking about the precious memories I had with her. Sometimes I wonder “what if, what if” – what if I had reached out to her more, what if she had not moved away, what if… but I can not rewind the past, as much as I want to.


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